Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nakagawa Shouko - gravure idol, actress and seiyuu

Name: Nakagawa Shouko, 中川翔子, しょこたん
Birthdate: 5-5, 1985
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Watching movies, making candy
Collects: Bruce Lee, Matsuda Seiko, and squadron merchandise
Abilities: Drawing, Cantonese

She cosplays frequently, and has sold many of her costumes at auctions. These outfits include mainly Evangelion, Sailormoon, and Final Fantasy. Because of her love for cosplay, she has gained more fans who love to see her cosplay shoots. Nakagawa generally cosplays alone, but occasionally she cosplays with fellow idols Ito Ayaka and Kyan Chiaki. When they cosplay together, they wear outfits according to their hair. For example, if Nakagawa is Tsukino Usagi from Sailormoon, Ito will be Mizuno Ami because of her shorter hair. For the anime Futari wa Pretty Cure, Nakagawa plays Honoka, and Ito is is Nagisa.

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