Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shinoda Mariko is Lady Luck for Weekly Magazine

Weekly Playboy magazine managed to get another “goddess”, as they describe her, from AKB48 to appear on the cover for this week’s edition – Shinoda Mariko.

The idol group must be full of goddesses, believing the weekly and monthly pictorial magazines and the superlatives they are using for some of their members. For Shinoda it’s actually the first cover for this magazine and the team behind the magazine are definitely feeling honored to finally add Lady Luck herself to their personal list of photographed goddesses.

Shinoda is looking as stunning as usual and the editorial staff used some fitting words to describe the idol.

> It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are a man or a woman, you are bound to notice her overwhelming presence.

“Career Woman”
> She isn’t just an idol, she’s an exclusive model for the fashion magazine “MORE“, she appeared in a Getsu-9-Drama and, of course, she is a regular on many variety shows.

> The moment she takes a step outside, the cloudy sky breaks open, and she showers in the brilliant light of the sun. What a blessed girl she must be.

> Today, the moment we were able to meet her, it definitely had to be a gift from god. We pray that we will be able to meet Lady Luck again someday.

Check out the pictorial below!

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