Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • job
    Jul 16, 06:31 PM
    Originally posted by Backtothemac
    Man, I am 3127. That is cool that you can check that. I don't even know when I registered. I think I am coming up on two years before too long.

    Us January 2002 members are at roughly 1.5 years. :D ;)

    Oh, and my id is 3781.

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  • emiljan
    Apr 18, 09:19 AM
    Try to reinstall the bootcamp drivers again and see if that helps.

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  • Gregg2
    Jul 19, 07:25 PM
    It's a bit of a stretch to conclude that he was comparing the Yankees' brass to the Nazis. He was merely comparing a method of eradicating someone's legacy used by the Nazis, and Stalin, et.al. to what the Yankees have done regarding Torre. The inference has to be drawn. It wasn't made. He did not say "Yankees' executives are like Nazis." Yes, it's necessary for him to say it directly to draw that conclusion.

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  • KBP
    Jun 21, 01:47 AM
    I have an apple pre-order for july 2nd. No reservation for 24th, but thinking about camping out...

    THinking about camping at the Emeryville one?


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  • discounteggroll
    May 6, 03:56 AM
    thermal paste is only applied/re-applied when your logic board and/or heatsink is removed from the computer. This is the last thing that comes out of the macbook, and even then is incredibly hard to muck up. I think your problem lies elsewhere

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  • iMacUser324
    Jun 23, 11:05 PM
    do you know what time those who didn't preorder could buy an iphone or is it the same time as everyone else?


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  • rainman::|:|
    Sep 22, 05:48 PM
    What's the format of the movie? AVI? MPG? You may need to examine the formats of both the soundtrack and videotrack, to see if the video requires a special codec to play.

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  • hob
    Oct 16, 06:48 PM


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  • pcinfoman
    Apr 28, 11:32 AM
    I have an iPad 1st generation running OS 4.3.2 (Jailbroken). It is running perfectly, except that I have a bunch of blank icons on my home screen (see the attached images). I can delete them, but every time I install a new app from the apple store, they come back.


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  • nomad01
    Sep 21, 06:38 AM
    The Maxtor in my PM sounds like a hamster on a wheel compared to my nice, quiet Seagate.

    Heh heh. Free pet sounds like value for money though. :-)

    I'm looking at buying from ebuyer.co.uk and the user reviews on there for the WD and the Seagate both seem pretty good so I'll get one or the other.

    Thanks for the input.



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  • rattlebrained
    Mar 9, 02:53 PM
    I want to create an interactive DVD that would combine different file formats such as video, flash, pdf files etc...

    Does anyone know what software I can use to create such a thing?

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  • Jasonbot
    Apr 16, 02:21 PM
    My real name is Max-So it's gotta have Max
    I like Apple-So it needs an "i"
    I'm not that great at gaming-SO therefore add noob or N00b
    I love Xbox 360 and Wii-need a 360 and maybe 2 i's




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  • LastLine
    Mar 31, 01:33 PM
    Just got htis yesterday :) Should be interesting to play - only had 10 minutes to try last night.

    One thing that bothers me is that this game is rated for age as 3+ and one of the mentors is described as "Smart and Sexy" Am I being a bit too much of a prude here? I dunno.

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  • strausd
    Apr 26, 09:35 PM
    I have a 120GB OWC SSD and everything is working great. And FYI, SSD stand for Solid State Drive, no need to say solid state drive drive ;)


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  • ChicoWeb
    Feb 11, 02:23 PM
    We always felt we were limited by certain open source projects, so we built our own. We have limitations on some of our remote systems, but we have no limits to the customizations in our proprietary CMS.

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  • prplhaze
    May 5, 11:52 AM
    I simply use the process killer in SBSettings to kill the offending app, which takes away it's banner ad also. Is this whole wallpaper ads thing part of the iAds discussion? 'keep apps free' and all that?

    Ironically this may motivate me to purhase wwf.


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  • Eidorian
    Oct 22, 01:40 PM
    I still fold on my Radeon HD 4830. I'll be trying the SMP client under Windows later today.

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  • adriana lima modeling

  • Rx3alpha
    Apr 8, 03:29 PM
    i haven't thought of that. Anyone have ideas? I also would like to know

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  • pcmike
    Oct 26, 04:35 PM
    im in line here wearing the green polo shirt and brown shorts.. anyone else here?

    Apr 17, 04:01 PM
    I've been carefully monitoring the processor loads on my c2d macbook (the black one) to see what kind of processor I would be needing if I buy an air. The decision is really between the 1.86 and 2.13

    My loads are:
    1.03 .93. 87

    These are with chrome and itunes and terminal running along with ical and the likes. nothing too heavy.
    Any advice on which processor?

    Apr 19, 06:06 PM
    for sure you have a faulty gfx chip. Your best bet is to replace the logic board.

    Jun 21, 12:26 AM
    Any one planning to camp out?

    Eeep, Emeryville. Too far for me. I'll be in burlingame

    Apr 26, 09:27 AM
    If you are a rational person, one should know that it isn't reasonable to expect a break until Lion is officially announced. However, you could always write a letter to Obama and 'hope' that things will 'change.' :) People are getting things in this country they shouldn't have and they just expect more and more.

    Mar 14, 10:00 AM
    And if you would have taken the time to go to the right forum and look on the first page you would have seen that we have been talking about it since 8pm last night.

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