Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • psyduckiee
    Apr 9, 06:12 PM
    I really like my OtterBox Defender, as I mentioned in my review above I almost did not switch over to the the Ivyskin Q3. It is thick, it will not work in any of my docking ports but for protection you can't beat it. OtterBox has a new case in the works that my be of interest here. It has not been released yet it is called the Reflex, see the link below. According to the description it has the protection of the Defender with a slim design and a snap off bottom for docking. It sounds very interesting. :)

    ginnifer goodwin haircut. ginnifer goodwin haircut. Ginnifer Goodwin; Ginnifer Goodwin. TShirtJohn. Feb 10, 05:49 AM. Opened it up, plugged in the wire that was loose but it#39;s not
  • ginnifer goodwin haircut. Ginnifer Goodwin; Ginnifer Goodwin. TShirtJohn. Feb 10, 05:49 AM. Opened it up, plugged in the wire that was loose but it#39;s not

  • Eniregnat
    Jul 25, 06:52 PM
    I�m assuming that it�s an Apple LCD
    If not what make is your LCD?
    How old is it?

    It sounds like dust and oxide are creeping in, perhaps from improper sealing of any of the multiple lamintes that comprise an LCD screen.

    If it has a cold cathode tube I can�t see the reason for only the outer edges to yellow. If the light pipe is oxygen sensitive, it might account for it yellowing around the edges.

    EL backing also ages uniformly, but most LCD�s don�t use this technology.

    If you or anybody else has ever taken the screen apart, you might have improperly put it back together. Perhaps the screen is pressing to tightly against the frame. This would cause tweening of the matrix and bending of the light pipe, and ether one could account for a localized spectral shift.

    I am just throwing out ideas to see what people think.

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  • iLucas
    May 3, 02:50 PM
    Thanks, I used an intel mac in target mode and it worked great. Now if I could only figure out which version of itunes will run on this imac..... but maybe thats another thread.

    iTunes 9.2.1. iTunes 10+ requires leopard.

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  • rye9
    Sep 28, 03:51 PM
    With all of these updates lately I feel 10.4.8 could be in a matter of minutes :)


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  • stubeeef
    Dec 25, 06:54 PM
    My Lord, my Wife, and my daughters.

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  • thequicksilver
    Jan 10, 11:53 AM
    Yes, amongst many others.


    Interestingly, the tab shifting buttons they mention in this doesn't work in my Firefox 1.0. I have to use ctrl-page up/dn as opposed to cmd-pageup/dn.

    (I keep getting told the server is too busy, so hope this only posts once.)


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  • Geert
    Jul 23, 07:43 AM
    yesterday while browsing the forums I got kicked out.

    Arn, am I a registered user?
    'cause during MW forums were only for registered users and I could not get on.

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  • CaptainChunk
    May 5, 01:09 AM
    Yes, everybody would like to know more, but what's another month? Besides, here's the thing:

    1. FCP X is a complete rewrite. As such, we'll be dealing with what's essentially a 1.0 product. The professional post production community isn't going to jump to ship until FCP X reaches a reasonable level of maturity (and stability) they're already getting with FCP 7. And that will take a while to happen.

    2. I think Apple knows this (above) and it's likely the reason they were pretty selective about what they revealed at NAB. I think they expect that FCP X will sell to enthusiasts first and will eventually make its way into professional workflows as the platform gains more acceptance and support from the third-parties. Workflow and stability are everything in a pro environment; this will always trump features. In the end, Apple's approach was better than over-promising on what they may not be able to deliver yet.

    I've already decided that unless by some miracle FCP X can really replace my FCP 7 workflow straight out of the box in June (highly unlikely), I'm not buying it until it truly can, even if it's only $300. I'm sure the post houses feel the same way...


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  • philxor
    Apr 30, 05:41 PM
    I had one dead pixel on my old Sony Vaio which was stuck bright and it was really annoying, even on a 1024x768 11" screen. That one doesn't seem nearly as bad.

    Apple is not going to replace it with one bad pixel...

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  • big_boldge
    Sep 26, 11:52 AM
    Just a quick question, I need to buy a memory stick, for tranfers of work from my iMac at home to a Windows Dell at school, but I was wondering, to get a shuffle and use it as a memory stick as well as mp3 player. However can the shuffle transfer documents of Mac based data, eg Pages to a Windows computer? I know you can use it as a memory stick but is that just for Apple to Apple transfers or Windows to Windows, depending upon its settings?
    Also another quick question as it's been bothering me alot recently, what does the "i" in iMac, and iPod stand for as well as teh "e" in eMac? Thanks


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  • Intell
    Feb 21, 11:26 PM
    Its still here. But you need to have a minimum number of posts before you can post or view it. I think the minimum is 250 or 500 posts.

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  • orangeclockwork
    Jul 9, 06:33 PM
    thanks for the advice...i won't make the deal...unless apple doesnt come out with new powerbooks soon and drives me insane (not that i ahve any resentment towards them)


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  • mtnDewFTW
    Apr 11, 05:55 PM
    I think that incase make the best looking cases out of all companies. Check 'em out here (http://goincase.com)

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  • Rower_CPU
    Jul 22, 02:56 PM
    Firewire target disk mode might do the trick.



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  • lordmac
    Mar 8, 08:58 PM
    Hey my fellow macrumors users I could use some advice. A couple of friends of mine just got the new pokemon game and its seriously making nostalgic for when I used to play back in the day (I was a serious player of the first 3 generations of the pokemon games, the ones for gameboy color and the first on for gba).

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  • Night Spring
    Mar 14, 01:21 PM
    I didn't mean to say that new tool will allow him to downgrade without SHSHs, I meant to say that he is stuck until the new tool is release that can Jailbreak 4.3 and he can get all his stuff back. ;)

    Actually, if OP doesn't mind a tethered jailbreak, there are tools available to jailbreak 4.3 right now.


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  • jessica.
    Sep 20, 11:23 AM
    I'm sure a lot of people here do. I do, badly, but I do.

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  • aarond12
    Jan 10, 05:52 PM
    This always confuses me. Why do they call it a newsreader? Why not an RSS reader? This does nothing more than keep track of and read RSS feeds. It's not significantly different/better than the RSS capability built into Safari or Firefox.

    Maybe I'm a purist (or a snob), but to me a "newsreader" is an application used to read the newsgroups (the Usenet). Panic's Unison application is a newsreader. It connects to newsgroup servers and allows me to read posts and download attachments.

    Am I being too picky?


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  • Che Castro
    May 4, 07:32 PM
    Current iOS on Verizon does not support video airplay

    Why not?

    I was thinking of switching to verizon but now i dont think so

    Mar 27, 09:50 AM
    By no problem, do you mean that you feel no difference between 10.6 an 10.7?
    Well the cursor is not as fast as in Windows, but it's managable.

    I don't notice a difference between 10.6 and 10.7 as far as tracking speed, but I don't do much gaming and mouse speed is not an issue for me.
    I don't use Windows on this Mac, so I am not sure about the speed in between Mac/Windows.

    Doctor Q
    Mar 23, 12:33 PM
    Thanks for the details. We'll take steps to have this ad removed.

    Blue Velvet
    Dec 17, 05:31 AM
    Photoshop on its own will not OCR text. Really, what you're trying to do could skip the imaging stage until the end when you're batch-processing the image files to be psds or whatever.

    Assuming that Photoshop's batch processing tools under File>Automate>Batch will not produce the filenames you need, I'd look at it first of all as a workflow that first needs to parse a text file and produce blank image files in those names, even PDFs could work, the size and format is irrelevant.

    Once that's done, it's a simple matter of setting up a Photoshop action to format those images to the correct dimensions, colour spaces, layers etc and then batch processing all those files into another folder.

    Apr 11, 01:06 PM
    Comes in White & Black battery powered, 10 hours battery life with quick recharge time for the ladies.....

    (No pics needed use your imagination)

    That already exists!

    Apr 27, 06:59 PM
    Do you use software for longer?

    Are you using different software?

    How often is often?

    Are there any repeat offenders?

    Are you doing different things now?

    Your description is incredibly vague.

    If applications are crashing, that may or may not have anything to do with Snow Leopard.



    Couple times a week

    Steam, iTunes, and the iWork apps come to mind


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