Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • munkery
    May 6, 01:06 AM
    MacSecurity is a variant of MacDefender.



    You should also be aware of the Weyland-Yutani Bot.


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  • anmoldagreat
    Jul 9, 02:46 PM
    2407 is M-PVA only.

    thanks i later found that out too
    i dont get why manufacturers hide this info

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  • Dwalls90
    May 5, 10:03 PM
    Using Windows to get things done bug free? How ironic. ;)

    Lol, but let's be mature here, W7 is pretty flawless as on OS, especially for Micro$oft. It's less buggy than 10.7 DP2, and I didn't feel like triple-booting with 10.6 too, so I'll stick to W7 anytime 10.7 DP2 isn't quite reliable enough yet.

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  • infernohellion
    Mar 13, 09:34 PM
    Very interesting..

    "Dropbox" -vs- "Drop Box"


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  • Legion93
    Apr 29, 07:59 PM
    it was on at the time and die right after the spill and after a few days i decided the alcohol solution.
    The motherboard was cover in wine and i actually use an electric toothbrush to clean it.

    Bloody Nora! I think you may have gotten a boulder as your laptop.

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  • Blue Velvet
    Mar 5, 07:49 PM
    forget wasteland

    Wasteland serves two main purposes. One, as an example to others. Two, so that people know where their threads have gone. It takes about five seconds to move a thread in there.

    In many cases, deleting threads can make more work because the thread starter can often contact mods asking where their thread has disappeared to.


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  • LVdustin
    Jul 6, 02:27 AM
    Go to the AT&T store on Blue Diamond and Arville.
    It just open and i talked to them, they will have tons of iphone in stock that day.

    The place has a great big parking lot and a yummy quiznos and baskin robins.
    Ill be going to that store for sure.

    Hey, there is already a Las Vegas thread, post in there dude.


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  • Cybergypsy
    Feb 3, 08:49 AM
    No thanks guys, really want a 4G iphone unlocked.....


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  • nagromme
    Sep 16, 12:09 AM
    The iMac is beating all those PCs... and the eMac and PowerMac are doing nicely too! Even more Macs are in the top 20-30 if you keep scrolling.

    And I just checked the laptops... 6 of the top 15 notebooks are from Apple, including 3 in the top 10. All of Apple's laptop models/sizes (maybe not every speed variation) are found in the top 25, even the 17" PowerBook.

    And in the general "Computers" category, accessories are all on top (lots of wireless gear), with the 15GB iPod at number one. 2 of the top 10 items are iPods. 5 of the top 20 are Apple products, including AirPort Express and two colors of iPod Mini--which would no doubt rank much higher if the colors were counted together.

    So I looked at "Electronics."--a very broad group with cameras, PDAs, computer peripherals, phones, and everything. Cheap little flash cards rank high of course. Even so, the iPod's #3 there. Only three music players make the top 30--and two of them are iPods, both outranking a Rio. Keep going down the ranks and you see lots more iPods--and only a few other players.

    Under "Servers"... "Sorry. There are no top sellers available in Servers." :D

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  • ChrisA
    Apr 20, 10:43 PM
    1. This might be a stupid question, but does GarageBand allow me to compose music "from scratch"?

    Kind of like asking "Does a piano allow you to compose music from scratch?" You can play anything you like in GB and record the notes and later look at them on a staff.

    2. What's the difference between GarageBand and Logic Pro?

    Apple has three products, GB, Logic Express, and Logic Pro.
    All three use the same engiine but Logic exposes a much more complex user interface and also comes with many more software instruments.

    Stay with garage band until you have some specific reason to upgrade to Logic. Logic will directly import your GB projects so you don't loose any work.

    3. Do I need a keyboard or whatever in order to start composing on Mac?
    You can used what Apple calls "musical typing" to play music on the computer "qwerty" keyboard. The asdf row acts like the white keys and the qwerty row like black keys. It is clumsy and slow but some people get good at it. Buy a "real" music keyboard and it will be much better. I think also you can mouse click on a picture of a music keyboard but that is just awful.

    But you want to play drums. Why not get a MIDI Drum controller and play on a simulated rubber drum head. I know you can play drums on a keyboard but I'd bet it feels un-natural if you are a drummer

    4. Currently I only have GarageBand (which comes bundled within iLife). I did a search on Google and apparently GarageBand Jam Pack 4 comes with percussion which includes taiko drums. I haven't been able to find any reviews or videos on this, so could anyone tell me how good it is?

    Most of the instruments on jam pack are just "ok". Good enough for your own composing but not good enogh for profesional recording. But there are third party speccialized software instruments that work. Jam Packs are the best bang per buck because you get so many on the disc. but always there is something better.

    This is one example of a 3rd party "plug-in" I think there are a few others. http://www.ninevoltaudio.com/products/taiko.html

    Put use the jam pack first
    EDIT: The link about says you need "Kontakt" (full version) to use it. That is getting expensive but if you need that quality then you need it.


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  • Kwyjibo
    Jul 9, 09:27 PM
    haveu tried reparing permissions? and checking the mic/volume settings? I've been able to use ichat AV, and itunes on with 10.2.6 running perfectly and i have the same computer

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  • ivel
    Dec 17, 10:22 AM
    PM sent.


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  • cubist
    Dec 9, 10:38 AM
    I move to a different desk area in the summer. You could try that. You'll need a DVI extension cable, etc.

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  • biohead
    Apr 16, 03:41 PM
    The stuff used on the heatsink is NOT an adhesive. It is just a compound that maximises the heat transfers between CPU and heatsink. The heatsink MUST be held down with the screws.

    From the looks of it, you've either got a damaged bottom case (screw mount knocked off) or a bottom case for the wrong model (slightly different fittings).


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  • Platform
    Dec 24, 01:58 AM
    Thats better and needed :D

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  • dal20402
    Jan 10, 07:15 PM
    The new 3.1 interface, while generally nice, takes away the option to change the color of the dock notification. Now I have clashing red starbursts in my Dock (those of NNW and Mail). I really preferred having only Mail red, because I need to see new mail out of the corner of my eye, but who really cares about new RSS items... :mad::rolleyes:


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  • AdeFowler
    Oct 20, 06:00 AM
    Stunning... no other word for it. But is it the right typeface?

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  • dstopsky
    Dec 5, 05:30 AM
    Not sure if I am going too far. If your web server supports php, as most do, try including this.

    <?php require_once('menu.html'); ?>
    where menu.html is the file which your menu is located.

    If you are unfamiliar with php or programming, start off with a blank page to test it out. Then proceed to put that code in different parts of the page to see how it comes out.

    Yes, my server supports php, but I tried a include file instead of require_once. I'll try that and see how it works. Thanks for the help.

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  • iJon
    Jul 6, 04:36 PM
    wow that is crazy, im surprised they let you switch, especially to a router. most companies are cracking down wanting you to buy mulitpe ip's. how stupid.


    Jun 18, 01:41 PM
    I almost pulled the trigger on Super Stardust HD. There's a bundle of the game with the DLC for $14.99 which seemed like a good deal, but then I saw the Gundemonium Collection bundle which looked really sweet so I ended up getting that. Geez if I had seen that game to begin with I could have saved myself from making a thread! :D

    It's a set of 3 chaotic anime-style shooters, that get pretty difficult. They're short (I already beat one) but they're totally worth playing over and over.

    Though next time i have $15 sitting in my PSN account I'll get Super Stardust HD, the demo was really fun. :p

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

    Mar 11, 06:45 AM
    If anyone is DEFINITELY going to Ardmore and is going to be there before 2:30pm... please PM me and I will give you my phone number and you can text me the status of the lines.

    In return, I'll throw in a SuperPoints Invite (the site costs $8 to join) but with an invite.. it's FREE

    Wow, a SuperPoints invite, just what I've always dreamed of!

    Aug 18, 06:04 AM
    Sadly Ringo Starr did not provide commentary.
    Want to acknowledge this reference :).

    Mar 28, 09:54 PM
    and for free!!!!

    Its called nowhere and its from graw1

    Jul 5, 10:07 PM
    partitioning drives is not something i recommend.

    i'm kind of wondering...did you buy a brand new computer, or was it used and therefore the drive is not formatted?

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