Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bhanupriya Tamil Dancer

Bhanu Priya was the dancing sensation of the South. Studying dance professionally she communicated her deep love for it by being selected for a film role while still at school when the renowned Tamil Director, "Bharathi Raja came to see her. Being so confident of her dancing prowess and acting capabilities after screen-test he gave her a role in Mella Pesina.

Bhanu's acting matches her dance abilities when given [performance oriented roles. Bhanu Priya acted as a dignified elderly house-wife in Pedaruyuda and thinks such roles should be grabbed at the first offer and the role she was offered in Annamaya which the production unit thought that only she would justify. But there was a huge gap in her film-career when she was at the top place in the "Tollywood" especially - due to her sheer fault that instead of building her career which was so colorful, she got attracted to the Bollywood's offers and that's precisely where she erred being downgraded against competition which were less interested in her dance skills. But she makes no excuses. And she has a lot of plans for herself taking up a research in dance and add new styles to the contemporary repertoire besides establishing a dance institution for the youth.

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