Saturday, May 28, 2011

Headlines that need to be rephrased

MTV's Electric Barbarellas show still on track

Having just seen the Barbs on last night's Craig Ferguson show, it's quite clear that what they mean about this “reality” series girl-group is "Electric Barbarellas still all racks."

(To be scrupulously fair, based on the Late Late Show performance, "Missy"--she's the redhead in my favorite color at the far left, above) at least can sing. The rest of ‘em...

...well girls, it’s never too early to decide what your boundaries are about doing porn…)

For fucks sake.

They make Rebecca Black look like Kelly Clarkson.

They make Britney Spears look like Don Henley.

They'd make a dildo look like Natalie Merchant...

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