Friday, May 20, 2011

Hyundai New Tucson

Although the launch was conducted in July last year-at IIMS 2010, but only last week some journalists were given the opportunity to try a direct New Tucson by PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia. Tests together packed in the event of Hyundai Media Fun Drive 2011, held on Wednesday and Thursday. Journalists should take turns to feel "new passion" New Tucson who appear more handsome and stylish with the atmosphere of the convoy.

On the first day to try out this car, the route taken from Gandaria City, Pondok Indah JORR toll-Cikunir-Cikampek-Purwakarta, Subang-exit toll to Ciater-Bandung-Sumedang. Tomorrow back to Jakarta via toll-Cikampek Bandung-Jakarta. The total distance of 450 km.

Appearance of New Tucson SUV is no longer, but it leads to a crossover. This is seen from the round body design, both in front and behind. As a result, more and more stylish appearance, fit the crossover concept that combines the MPV, SUV, and hatchback. Therefore, for the Indonesian market, Hyundai chose only motion system 4 x 2 with front wheels.

New Tucson condensed appearance with European style (designed by Hyundai's studio in Rüsselsheim, Germany). Because of that, passing from behind the appearance of this crossover SUV is similar to X-Series from BMW and Audi Q5. Kupe stylish glass side.

As a driving source, Hyundai Theta II engine plant, with a capacity of 2.0 liter DOHC technology and dual continuously variable valve timing (CVVT) to both suction and exhaust valves.

Specification of this machine really fits with his brother who used a group from Korea, namely the All-New Kia Sportage that had already been declared itself as a crossover. The ability of the engine produces maximum power and torque are the same. Likewise with McPherson front suspension and rear multilink structure.

Nevertheless, the body design and dimensions differ slightly (Sportage is longer 35 mm), but the wheels antarsumbu same distance. Hence, the claim of the same radius of rotation, which is 5.29 meters.

In terms of price, both are also almost the same, differing only Rp 1 million, especially compared with the Sportage with automatic transmission. If it gives official New Hyundai Tucson USD 287 million (on the road in Jakarta), All-New Kia Sportage to sell 286 million (automatic transmission). Hyundai Tucson with one offer only automatic transmission.

Interior Tucson with two rows of seating are very relieved. Comfortable seats occupied by the retaining head at every fitting for the size of Indonesia. Interior color combinations of black with silver on the steering wheel, the center of the dashboard, simply gives the impression of a luxury car. Finishing and quality of interior components are very nice!

The atmosphere of the interior is quite interesting and fun is when the engine life or night. On the instrument panel with two dots on the right and left (binocular) use blue lighting. So also in the display of audio and lights on the console box.

The position of the steering wheel and driver's seat fitting and comfortable. As a result, can reduce fatigue during a long journey. Only the fingers of the left that has a button to adjust the audio volume. Like the car now, could be used to play audio CDs, can also be connected to USB and aux to play songs with the MP3 format. Placement of the speakers at the door with a position to produce a pretty good sound for the ears of the driver and passengers (front and rear).

Shifttronic 6-speed transmission equipped with manual shift only be done by pushing or backing advanced transmission stick positions in the center console. PS 166-powered machine able to meet when the vehicle speed up and climb.

Nevertheless, gearshift crossover are felt, especially when the vehicle speed up chase ahead. The same thing also happened on a hill. Condition quite annoying drivers who are accustomed to using Japanese-engined SUV above 2.0 liters or SUV from Europe with the same engine capacity.

The sound of the engine, transmission, and the wheels are still felt, but it was better than previous Korean cars. For stability, was tested in an optimal fashion. However, steering control is very good.

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